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Properties preserved blood

roperties preserved blood

Properties preserved blood

The usefulness of "banked blood decreases with time.

It may look like fresh blood, and flow like fresh blood, but the longer it is stored, the less able to carry oxygen through the body microcapillaries, says a University of Illinois new study. With the help of advanced optical technology, researchers measured the stiffness of the membranes of red blood cells and its changes over time. They found that while the cells retain their shape and the hemoglobin content, their biological protection means - membranes become more stringent, which steadily reduces the functionality of the cells. 

Shelf life of blood components in the United States account for 42 days; in the Russia criteria is tougher - 21 days for red blood cells and 25-for FFP.

During this time many changes can occur in biological protection means of blood cells - they may be mechanically damaged, hemolysis may occur - but the bulk of holding its shape and looks the same as the day of manufacture, biological defense of the hematologic system retains the basic rheological properties.

University of Illinois researchers evaluated changes in blood cells over time to determine the possible negative impact on the patient.

The researchers mapped the cell. In particular, the measured mobility of the cell membrane, which reflects its rigidity and functionality of the biological protection means.

Measurements have shown that many of the characteristics are the same: the cells retain their shape, weight and hemoglobin content. However, over time the membrane as biological protection means, are more rigid and less flexible. For Transfusion is critical that the cells must be sufficiently flexible for the capillary bed to allow all parts of the body with oxygen, deformation helps them change shape and go through the gap between the epithelial cells.

The information opens the way for clinical monitoring of storage of blood components. Microscopes can be easily adapted to the technology SLIM few additional components that can be upgraded with an existing database of hospital laboratories.

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