Protective Biological and Chemical Suit EBO-10

The single use biological set EOBO-10 consists of non-pressurized overall, filtration half-mask, work safety glasses,

safety gloves and shoe covers. The Tychem F ® suit has been developed by DuPont protective clothes design specialists and having been widely tested by users throughout Europe, ensures the best protection and comfort for users. The Tychem F protective clothes materials meet the requirements of EN 14126:2003 and provide the highest level of protection and are resistant to usually used decontamination substances.  The single use protective biological set offers III B standard of protection. Weight of the overall is approx. 400 g. This set is also recommended to use in combination with the protective Face Piece EOK-10 (without filtration half mask and glasses).

The protective biological and chemical suit EBO-10 with filtered air inlet enables the user to enter  environments with a risk of presence of dangerous biological or deleterious substances. The inner space is secured by air positive pressure supplied by filtration-ventilation (FV) unit that is hung on a belt inside the protective suit. FV unit enables exchange of filters for protection in a given environment. It offers 1c-B standard of protection.