Protective Face Piece EOK-10

The protective face piece EOK-10 with filtered air inlet enables its user to enter environment with risk of presence of dangerous biological or deleterious substances.

The inner space is secured by air positive pressure supplied by a filtration-ventilation (FV) unit that is hung on a belt outside the protective suit. The FV unit enables exchange of filters for protection in a given environment. It offers the highest standard of protection - TH3.

  • user’s protection is secured by inner overpressure
  • filtration-ventilation unit supplies sufficient amount of filtered air (120 dm3/min)
  • accumulator guarantees at least 4 hours of operating time
  • quality of filtered air is ensured by class P3 filters
  • acceptable volume of inner overpressure is ensured by one-way overpressure valve
  • large view-through
  • head cross provides high level of comfort
  • product’s impermeability is ensured by sealed seams
  • progressive design
  • fabric: butyl rubber

Technical parameters

weight of face piece: approx. 1100 g (without filtration-ventilation unit and filters)

weight of filtration-ventilation unit: PROFLOW 2SC: 1650 g (with 2 pcs of filters TH3, marked acc. to EN 12941)

CLEAN-AIR MEDICAL: 385 g (with 1 pc of filter TH3 marked acc. to EN 12941)


cape: fabric, two-side coated with butyl rubber

view-through: polycarbonate (pc) with the thickness of 2,0 mm

seams: sewn, covered (sealed-up) on the outer side by strips of the basic material

The protective face piece offers the highest standard of protection - TH3.

The product is certified by accredited testing centre the Occupational Safety Research Institute Prague in compliance with ČSN EN 12941:1999/A2:2009.