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Quick-connect outlet for medical gases

Quick-connect outlet for medical gases

MZ Liberec produces connectors in two standards: ČSN and DIN.

Gas quick outlet is intended for easy connection and disconnection of two distribution sections. When connected with the counter-piece in question, the tough and tight circuit is created. In case of disconnection it works like a self-acting stopper with separation valve. The gas quick outlet is available in several options that differ each other with a kind of mounting on mother board and way of connection to the central distribution network. It is immutable for certain gases and manufactured in colour-distinguishable media options. The adaptors are placed into the gas quick outlets and such a connection becomes a functional unit.

According to AFNOR NF-S 90-116/NF-DS 90-119, NIST EN ISO 5359, UNI 9507, DIN 13260, BS 5682, SS 875 24 30 standards.

UR 107 - O2 - White

UR507 - N2O - Blue

UR 607 - Air - Black + White

UR 807 - negative pressure - Yellow + Black

UR 707 - CO2 - Grey