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Reliance Ultrasonic Cleaning System and Synergy Washer

Reliance Ultrasonic Cleaning System

  • Two sizes available: 3.25 and 5.75 gallon. Both include mesh basket.
  • Digital controls to manage temperature, cycle, and de-gas time.
  • Optional lubrication pan depending on facility reprocessing needs.

Reliance Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are designed for easy cleaning and lubricating of smaller surgical instruments*, when space is restricted. These small stainless steel units contain the cleaning power of 132kHz just like our larger ultrasonic systems to provide optimal cleaning. The Reliance Ultrasonic Tabletop Cleaning Systems are designed for processing smaller or individual

surgical instruments, when space is restricted Additionally, they will help you effectively clean,

thoroughly rinse and lubricate delicate surgical instruments, in an easy-to-use tabletop design.

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Work

Ultrasonic cleaning at higher frequencies creates an abundance of minute vacuum bubbles which allow for cleaning to occur. These bubbles implode on and inside surgical device* surfaces in a process defined as cavitation. This micromechanical scrubbing action is able to reach small crevices, irregular surfaces, and internal passages to ensure proper and consistent cleaning.

*Always refer to manufacturer's instructions for use to ensure proper cleaning steps of the surgical device.

Why Reliance Table Top Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems?

  • Flexibility

Easy to use compact table top design available in two tank sizes

  • Efficacy

Cleaning frequency of 132kHz that more than triples the commonly used 40kHz.

Delivers consistent results.

Cleaning Power - 132 kHz Transducers

The Reliance Ultrasonic Tabletop Cleaners are designed with 132 kHz transducers that provide optimal ultrasonic action and noise reduction. This micromechanical scrubbing action can reach small crevices, irregular surfaces or internal passages, allowing complete removal of fi lm and small particles, while protecting delicate instrument surfaces.

All Stainless Steel Construction, Including Tank and Lid

Easy-to-clean, durable stainless steel construction helps extend life of unit while resisting damage caused by chemicals and cracking from dropped instruments.

Lube pans are available for instruments requiring lubrication, which promotes instrument longevity and optimal performance. Lube pans are designed to combine the action of cavitation with the soaking of lubricant, and can be stacked on top of unit while a standard mesh basket is being processed, helping to increase productivity.

Two Sizes Available

  • 3 ¼ gallon (12L) – 3 ¼ gallon (12L) – CRT3, 11 ¾ x 9 ½ x 8
  • 5 ¾ gallon (22L) – 5 ¾ gallon (22L) – CRT5, 19 ½ x 11 ½ x 6

Each model is equipped with a drain hose for easy drainage.

Standard Mesh Basket (included)

Baskets are designed with hinged handles that also serve as basket support on top of the unit, which helps promote safety, ergonomics, and fast drying.

The complete line of STERIS accessories offers everything you need to tailor your equipment for what you wash—as well as how and where you work. And every Synergy Washer accessory delivers the engineering and manufacturing quality you expect from STERIS

  • 10 DIN trays Single-Chamber Double-Door Washer/Disinfector compliant with EN / ISO 15883
  • Very good rack-to-chamber ratio of 96% (the closer to 100% the better the fit of the rack for the chamber)
  • Steam or electric heating