The flowmeters type Rs are instant flow measuring devices suitable for the dosage of medical gases, in this case oxygen and medical air. They can be produced in version with pressure compensated or not compensated, and manufactured both with single or twin flow tubes in order to allow a double and independent gas supply using a single gas source. The flowmeters type Rs fit a needle valve with a knob in color code for the immediate identification of the supplied gas. The body is manufactured in chrome-plated brass with metal fittings. The measurement group is made of high resistance polycarbonate, making this device ideal for the toughest applications. They are also available in different solutions of pressure calibration, various options of scale, normal or extended (L version) to allow a better reading of the indicated values. Several options are proposed concerning the threaded connections, inlet or outlet, offering an endless variety of combinations to meet all application requirements

Rs for oxygen

Sizes (LxWxH)

82x33x136 mm


0.23 Kg

Supply max. pressure

600 kPa

End of scale values - 3.5 bar

1 L/min. • 4 L/min. • 5 L/min. • 10 L/min. • 15 L/min.
• 20 L/min. • 30 L/min. • 50 L/min.


±10% read value or ±0.5 L/min.
(±0.2 L/min. for flow < than 1 L/min.) if greater

Inlet connection

ISO G 1/8” F. • ISO G 1/4” M. • 1/4”NPT M.
• 3/8” ISO 3253 F. • M 12x1 F.

Outlet connection

1/4” ISO 3253 M. • 3/8” ISO 3253 M. • M 12x1.25 M.
• 1/2” GAS M. • 9/16” UNF M. • 1/2” BSF F.