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Active Antidecubital System Slk IV

  • Throbbing chamber system. The patented internal dual-chamber (tube in tube) system for the prevention and treatment of bedsores I-IV degree. A complete high-cell alternating pressure system with 20 modular air cells made of high-quality polyurethane 3 static cells in the head area
  • Setting pressure according to the patient's weight
  • Emergency CPR deflation for rapid deflation of mattress
  • Low pressure indicator
  • Attaching the pad to the mattress via elastic tapes
  • Anti-allergenic cover made of Soft-Care-Tex: breathable and liquid-proof, friction and shea are minimized
  • A mattress pad needs to be placed under the mattress
  • Mattress thickness 14 cm

Tube pulsing system. It use the principle of variable pressure, with the inner chamber structure for preventing and treating bedsores degree I-III.

    9 laser perforated holes to microventilation

    CPR valve for rapid contraction of the mattress.

    Patient weight - from 35 to 250 kg.

- SLK mattress with cover Soft-Care-Tex and the motor
- Durable carry bag

- The prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to level III
- Improves blood circulation of the skin and venous blood flow


Motor power: 220V / 50Hz

Motor capacity: 10 W

Motor size: 16,5 x 29 x 12,5 cm

Mattress sizes: 14 x 90 x 200 cm