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Stem cells in the treatment of post-traumatic paraplegia

Stem cells in the treatment of post-traumatic paraplegia

Stem cells in the treatment of post-traumatic paraplegia

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most difficult medical problems, but an innovative surgical approach was used this year in China. Reducing treatment with special surgical kit with stem cells was investigated previously for 10 years. Research group Lead surgeon Li Quiyuan described the progress of the operation.

The operation was carried out in early January 2015 in a hospital in Tianjin in North China. It is the third largest city in North Korea, whose regional hospital has the latest medical equipment (medical valve systems, surgical instrument kits).

Lower paraplegia in this case occurred after spinal cord injury in a car accident two months earlier. Doctors implanted stem cells into patient spinal cord, using the regenerative neyromaterial, developed in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and innovative surgical instrument kit. This is the first case of regenerative surgery of the spinal cord in the world.

Doctors and scientists around the world for many years tried to find new ways to treat this problem by improving and developing new Spine surgical instrument kits.

Major spinal injuries almost always result in paralysis below the level of injury, and the gold standard of treatment is surgical (transpedicular osteosynthesis).

Institute of Genetics and Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences began experimenting with animals 10 years ago. Experiments began with mice, then continued on large animals (dogs). The experiments were so successful that researchers have given confidence to the operation on a man.

"Spinal nerves are like cables. Therefore, we have developed collagen fiber, such as bridges, and growing with its help will move in the right direction. These" bridges" kits is inserted into the spinal cord. Stem cells can produce the elements of regenerative tissue, improving resilience the affected area. "

According to doctors, the intervention was uneventful, and now begins a period of dynamic monitoring to assess the results.

Six spinal patients are prepared in the same hospital for innovative operations.

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