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STERIS washer disinfector system patient care Ecoline BM10

STERIS washer disinfector system patient care Ecoline BM10

STERIS is committed to helping healthcare professionals implement highly effective, environmentally friendly washer disinfector systems that optimize productivity, quality and safety. Of course, each of our washers are most effective when using the right accessories designed to be used inside them.

STERIS washing racks are innovative and effective. They are designed specifically to provide flexibility and versatility for processing reusable materials within our portfolio of washers. Keeping these accessories in excellent condition is the best way to ensure the longevity of your washers and maintain cleaning efficacy. Each rack is equipped with the following features to make your experience easy, efficient and safe.

  • Versatile: Racks can be loaded from any side
  • Safe: Cool touch handles ensure safe handling by staff members
  • Efficient: Flexible, patented quick lumen flushing ports on each level to provide maximum cleaning capability

Sink ships and items of patient care Ecoline BM10

The concept of the unit meets all the most stringent standards of hygiene and safety.

Pump capacity - 250 l / min. It creates a pressure at 3 atmospheres.

Optimal allocation of water flow in the cell is provided by 4 nozzles on a rotating sprayer and 5 built-in nozzles. After the washing procedure machine produces disinfection steam with the help of powerful built-in steam generator. The temperature in the chamber during disinfection reaches a temperature of 93 ° C.

Sink is equipped with built-in water tank of 18 liters.

Water requirements: does not require expensive systems of water treatment.