Syringe dispenser

Power supply External: AC 230 V x 50 Hz  DC 12 – 18 V

                         Internal: NiCd accumulator  9.6 V, 940 mAh

Internal accumulator life 2 – 6 hr

Compatible syringes 10, 20, 30, 50 ml all standard types

Safety class of the device II, CF type

Dimension (W x H x D) 351 x 153 x 93 mm

Weight 2,5 kg

Interface USB 1.1, IrDa

Operating temperature + 5 °C to + 40 °C

Warranty period 2 years

Pump allows infusion in several modes to select.

- linear

- profiled


Graphic LCD

Gives clear information on operation. Allows setting light reduction for night mode.


Unlimited medicament library.

Expendable supplies

Compatible with a wide spectrum of syringes.

High user comfort

Easy and intuitive handling. Broad and dynamic help.

Accessible interface for computer-controlled monitoring.

History of dosage

Information on infusion are saved on 1 GB memory card.

Dynamic pressure system

Recognize an interruption of the infusion set. Device interrupt the dosage and start up the Alarm.

Programmable bolus

Real time/date

Real-time ordered data gives comfortable information on dosage.

Wireless printing

IrDa supports comfortable and fast wireless printing out the infusion information on pocket printer.

Alarms and Timer System

Visual and audible indication is accompanied by distinct alarm description.

Anti-bolus system

Automatic reduction of overpressure at occlusion.

  • Menu and control fuctions are available in Czech, Slovac, English, German and French languages.
  • Option to set interval for night mode of a display.
  • Device identification informations – setting options: Hospital, Department, Identification number.
  • Option to set all used functions - basic to special ones.

Patient identification (First name, Surname, Identification number, Reception name).

  • Option to change dosage parameters during operation.
  • Programable or manual application of bolus dosage.
  • Timer for indication of dose completion should be set in range from 2 – 15 minutes with an option of silent signalization.
  • Standby mode allows to set period for audible alarm to remind time for initiation of a new dosage.
  • Key lock prevent changing dosage parameters.
  • Operation display allows dosage information during operation in 7 possible profiles.
  • Smart stylus construction allows for comfortable and quick syringe installation.

The dynamic pressure system, if enabled, prevents occlusion or indicates a set disconnection. In case the dynamic pressure system is disabled, the maximum overpressure at occlusion is automatically reduced by anti-bolus system to max. 10 kPa.

Advanced two-channel, two-processor technology based on state-ofthe-art 32-bit Motorola/Freescale processor and 16 bit Texas Instruments controller ensures high safety and precision of the applied infusion.

Operating system with 32 MB RAM and 1 GB Secure Digital Disc memory provides high user ́s comfort including the infusion process monitoring function that allows an instant view of an information on a graphic display.

Quick and easy pump connection or disconnection regardless the position in the system.

Station saves space at the patient´s bed.

An integrated power supply 12 V for each single pump.

Possible extension for distant monitoring of the device condition.