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Technical carbon dioxide


Solid carbon dioxide is produced in accordance with the requirements of GOST 12162 - 77. The chemical properties of carbon dioxide refers to acidic oxides. When dissolved in water to form carbonic acid it reacts with alkalis to form carbonates and bicarbonates.

Carbon dioxide is non-toxic and non-explosive. At concentrations greater than 5% (92 g / m3) carbon dioxide has a detrimental effect on human health, since it is heavier than air and may accumulate in poorly ventilated areas near the floor. This reduces the volume fraction of oxygen in the air that can cause the phenomenon of oxygen deficiency and suffocation.

Liquid carbon dioxide - liquefied carbon dioxide gas stored under high pressure (~ 65-70 atm). Colorless liquid. When discharging liquid carbon dioxide from the cylinder to the atmosphere a part of it evaporates, and the other portion forms flakes of dry ice.


Carbon dioxide is becoming increasingly important raw material for basic organic and petrochemical synthesis, in the metals and mining industry

Flameless explosion of rocks

Production of aluminum and other easily oxidized metals

Carbon dioxide is used as the shielding medium during arc welding wire.

Creating the artificial rain. Fertilizer air greenhouses with carbon dioxide a very effective means for increasing the yield of different crops.

In ecology: replaces potent mineral acid to neutralize the alkalinity of waste water. Solid carbon dioxide - dry ice - used in glaciers.

In the manufacture of fire-fighting equipment: an extinguishing agent.

In perfumery

In the food industry

Carbon dioxide is used as a preservative and indicated on the packaging under the code E290.

The engineering and construction:

Carbon dioxide in the cartridges used in pneumatic guns, and as a power source for engines in aircraft construction. Liquid carbon dioxide is used as a coolant and working fluid in thermal power plants (refrigerators, freezers, solar-powered electricity, and so on).

Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) is used as a refrigerant for cold planting machine parts in the process of fine grinding, for arc based on the principle of protecting the molten metal from the harmful effects of atmospheric air.

Electric welding in the protective atmosphere of carbon dioxide:

Increases productivity over manual welding.

Reduces more than twice the cost of the weld metal.

Provides excellent quality welds.

On the use of carbon dioxide it was based method of production of liquid motor fuels from coal, is now lost its former importance.


Company WestMedGroup offers qualified design, installation and construction of the gas distribution systems of technical carbon dioxide (MZ Liberec).