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Technical dinitrigen oxide N2O

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Technical dinitrogen oxide N2O (nitrous oxide, laughing gas)

Colorless gas, heavier than air (relative density of 1.527), with a characteristic sweet smell. Soluble in water (0.6 volume N2O 1 volume of water at 25 ° C, or 0.15 g / 100 ml water at 15 ° C), soluble in ethanol, ether, sulfuric acid. At 0 ° C and a pressure of 30 atm and at a room temperature and a pressure of 40 atm it is a colorless liquid.  The vapor pressure of the liquid N2O at 20 ° C is equal to 5150 kPa.

Not flammable but it will support combustion. Mixtures with ether cyclopropane or hloretanom in certain explosive concentrations. Nitric oxide (I) is an ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gas. Under normal conditions, chemically inert N2O when heated exhibits the properties of the oxidant.

It was opened in 1772 by Englishman Joseph Priestley. After '74 has been applied in medicine as an anesthetic. In the second half of the twentieth century, nitrous oxide was used in the food industry and the automotive industry.

There are two types of nitrous oxide - for food industry or for medical use (highly clean) and technical - technical dinitrogen.

Food processing industry

Packaging gas (prevent spoilage). Nitrous oxide is mainly used for spraying foodstuff. It is used as a propellant. As a food product, it has an index of E942.

Used to improve the technical characteristics of internal combustion engines.

It can be used in rocket engines as the oxidant, and as only fuel in monocomponent rocket engines.

Welding work in the electronics industry - calibration of different equipment.

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