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The exhibition of domestic manufacturers "IMPORT SUBSTITUTION" 2017

ВестМедГрупп примет участи в выставке Импортозамещение 2017

The exhibition of domestic manufacturers "IMPORT SUBSTITUTION" 2017

WestMedGroup participated at the 3rd international exhibition "IMPORT SUBSTITUTION", which was held in the Crocus Expo from September 12 to 14, 2017.

The event was held on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation with the assistance of other federal executive bodies and government organizations.

More than 250 companies from 30 regions (Moscow region, Lipetsk, Yaroslavl, Omsk regions, republics of Ingushetia, Kalmykia, etc.) presented at the "IMPORT SUBSTITUTION" their latest technologies, products and services, promising investment projects in all areas of the economy: fuel and energy, agro-industrial complex, oil and gas industry, metallurgy, machine-tool building, medicine and pharmaceutics, information technologies, radioelectronic industry and communications, construction industry, light industry, consumer goods, ecology, etc.

The "IMPORT SUBSTITUTION" exhibition demonstrated the development of the potential of domestic enterprises and organizations for the production of competitive import-substituting goods and services, their application in various sectors of the Russian economy and promotion to the international market., WestMedGroup, being a resident of a special economic zone of a technical-innovative type in Dubna, presented its own production as part of the exhibition: medical gas supply stations, functional medical beds, transport isolator for infectious patients, and a line of wall and ceiling medical consoles. The specialists of the company demonstrated important functiones of the offered products.