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The history of emergency medical services in Russia

The history of emergency medical services in Russia

The history of emergency medical services in Russia

On April 28, Russia celebrates the Day of the ambulance.

The WestMedGroup company is equipping an ambulance services in the directions: suction and oxygen therapy, patient monitors, first aid stack, electrocardiographs, and more.

In the Russian Empire, the first ambulance station with first aid bags was originated in 1897 in Warsaw. Then followed stations in Warsaw, Lodz, Vilna, Kiev, Odessa, Riga. A little later, ambulance stations were opened in Kharkov, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The appearance of ambulances on the streets of Moscow can be traced to 1898. Until that time, the victims was usually founded by police, firefighters, and sometimes driver, and were taken to emergency rooms in police houses.

Emergency medical care is provided to citizens in conditions requiring urgent medical attention (accidents, injuries, poisoning and other conditions and diseases).

In addition, the ambulance service may, aside from first aid stack, carry out the transportation of blood and its components, as well as transportation specialists for emergency consultations. With the help of chemical and biological protection in transport boxes the infectious patients are hospitalized.

Emergency medical service carries out scientific and practical (Russia has a number of scientific research institute of emergency medical assistance), methodical and health education.

By the end of the 18th century no state institution is not engaged in rendering medical aid to the population (for free). All these activities were engaged in church, in which there were almshouses for the sick and the disabled. These facilities was assisted a pilgrims and had first aid stack.

The first publicly available hospital was opened in St. Petersburg in 1779 by the Fontanka River. It was called "Obukhov," because it was located next to the Avenue Obukhov bridge. This hospital was small, as in other hospitals, it had only 160 beds.

The WestMedGroup works with several manufacturers of equipment for ambulance services:

The company "ElMedika" - a group of highly qualified and certified professionals who have extensive experience in the medical equipment market. It offers its customers a wide range of medical equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as services for maintenance and repair. The company provides the whole range of equipment necessary for first aid and rescue equipment.

Our regular customers:

* Ministry of Emergency Situations;

* FMBA - Federal Medical-Biological Agency;

* Federal State Institution "Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine" Protection;

* Ambulance stations;

* Private emergency institutions;

* All other non-core medical institutions of the country;

Manufacturer of ambulances;

* Helicopter manufacturers (factories Kamov, Mil);

* Manufacturers of aircraft (Antonov, Ilyushin);

* More than 700 trading companies.

Our partner – Weinmann - develops, produces and markets diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for sleep medicine and ventilation. Weinmann, a Löwenstein Group company since 2013, is among the Top 3 in many of its demanding international markets, thanks to ideas, experience and innovation. Thanks too to the decades of trust that Weinmann‘s partners around the world have placed in our proven products Made in Germany. It was Founded by Gottlieb Weinmann in Ludwigshafen in 1874.      

 Company SPENCER - specializes in immobilization equipment and means for transport of the patient.

Company HIRTZ & CO based in Cologne (Germany), was founded in 1945 by Hans Hirtsem (Mr. Hans Hirtz). Company HIRTZ first in Germany began to produce anti-bedsore system with variable pressure, heating / cooling system of the patient and ultrasound inhaler. Aspiration surgical systems are manufactured and marketed by more than 40 years. This vast experience is an excellent base for the production of high-quality and modern medical equipment in the future. During the production of equipment used only high quality materials, which significantly increases its reliability and durability.

Information from the website  El Medica

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