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The purchase of equipment to fight the Ebola virus in Russia

The purchase of equipment to fight the Ebola virus in Russia

The purchase of equipment to fight the Ebola virus in Russia

According to the World Health Organization, from the outbreak of the Ebola virus in the countries of West Africa have killed more than four thousand people, about seven thousand infected, isolated cases of the disease are found in North America and Europe. This topic has become one of the main on meeting of Vladimir Putin and the head of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan.

For many years, said Margaret Chan, Russia is an active participant in the World Health Organisation. In combating the spread of the Ebola virus - Russia takes an active part. And follow all precautions. All international airports of the Russian Federation are equipped with biological protection systems (protective transport bag for infected patient, isolation box for infected patient), conducted training in the rules of behavior to identify suspicious passengers to infection.

Russia has a lot to offer to foreign colleagues.

"We are involved in the fight against this infection, some European countries have approached us with a request, if necessary, provide them with aircraft. We also have so-called capsule to transport infected persons, "- said Vladimir Putin.

In a protective transport bag for infected patient, which said Vladimir Putin, you can carry Ebola infected patient without fear of infection. Large viewing window allow for constant monitoring of the patient's health, a variety of ports adapted for all types of medical equipment. Equipment can operate autonomously for 8 hours.

WestMedGroup Company for several years engaged in supplying of biological and chemical protection - isolation box for infected patient Biobox for infectious diseases and protective transport bag for infected patient Biobag.

WestMedGroup delivers to Russia sealed stretchers for infectious diseases BioBag since 2013.

Russia has deployed in Sierra Leone five civilian helicopters for the UN Mission for the emergency response to Ebola.

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