Transfer hatch


- with mechanical blocking

- with electromagnetic blocking

- with blocking controlled by electric lock

For a transfer of smaller objects and material between rooms with different cleanliness class the transfer hatch installed directly into a partition wall may be used.

Walls, ceiling and bottom of the transfer hatch are made of sandwich-type panels.

If laminar flow inside the hatch is needed, HEPA filter is fixed to the hatch ceiling provided with an opening.

To exhaust air from the hatch, the right door is provided with a grille in the bottom section. Where a ventilation control grille may be installed in the panel, the hatch bottom consists of a perforated sheet, under which a catch basin is placed.


  • Active

Own filtered air supply through HEPA filter; air exhaust to the room with a lower cleanliness class.

  • Semi-active

The hatch is washed by air from the room with higher cleanliness class; air is exhausted to the room with a lower cleanliness class.

  • Passive

The hatch is not provided with HVAC.


  • Painted surfaces to be washed by nonabrasive disinfecting cleaning agents based on alcohol.
  • Stainless surfaces to be washed by non-abrasive disinfecting cleaning agents, or by slightly abrasive disinfecting cleaning agents (for ground surface only; always clean in the grind direction) based on butyl alcohol (stains, fingerprints); based on acids where heavier pollution occurs.

Concentration to be selected in relation to the pollution extent.

  • Glass surfaces to be wiped by fine fabric combined with cleaning agents based on alcohol.