Vitalview system 4



Displays Arrhythmia and ST analysis provided by Criticare monitors with Arrhythmia and ST option.

Functions on both single and dual monitor setups.

Disclosure of up to 144 hours of ECG data.

Easily accessible alarm history log for all patient alarms occurring in the previous 24 hours.

Quickly generate and send customized e-mail patient data reports in PDF format.

Displays ECG, SpO2, IBP and CO2 waveforms.

Remote activation of NIBP and printing.

VitalView CSS ® is an ideal solution for hospitals of all sizes.

It facilitates communication between a central station and eVisionTM, nCompassTM, the nGenuity TM Series as well as the VitalCare TM Series of patient monitors for continuous, comprehensive vital signs monitoring.

VitalView ® displays real-time waveforms and numerics with a simultaneous display of up to 48 waveforms across two screens. With a dual monitor display, up to three expanded patient views can be viewed while 16 patient slots continue to display patient data. ECG events, graphical trends and tabular trends are stored automatically. User adjustable alarms provide immediate notification of critical changes in patient status.

CSI has verified that Microsoft ® Office XP Pro 2003, OpenOffice 2.0, and Abobe ® Reader will not compromise real-time monitoring performance.


Configurations: Up to 48 independent ECG traces

Patients Displayed: 8 or 16

Modes: 1 x 8, 2 x 4, 1 x 16, or 2 x 8 patient slots; up to three detailed patient views


Description: User-configurable for all monitored parameters

ST/Arrhythmia ECG: High PVC/Min, PVC Run,

ECG: Couplets, ECG: Bigeminy,

ECG: Trigeminy, ECG: Irregular HR,

ECG: VT>2, ECG: VTach, ECG: VFib,

ECG: VFib/Asystole, ST high or low for

ECG Leads I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V

Non-ST/Arrhythmia ECG: ECG lost

Limit: High/Low HR, NIBP, SpO2, etc. (all monitored parameters)

Lead Disconnect: Fault RA, LA, LL, V