The preventive protection of waterbodies and the responsible hand­ling of water resources are central tasks of politics, economy and consu­mers.

The prerequisite for permanent safe­guarding of the natural basic survival needs of the population and for eco­nomic development is the necessity to protect our water.

  1. E.T. are contributing to the protec­tion of the resource water in offering treatment of various water qualities to produce drinking water.
  2. E.T. GmbH has been founded in 2002.

The know-how of our engineers and employees is domi­nated by the technical expertise of our staff, matured over years, combined with practical experiences in the water treatment sector and in the automation technology.

The combination of expert knowledge and practical experi­ences in designing, executing and commissioning more than 150 pools and drinking water treatment systems form the basis for the development of new innovative processes in water treatment.

Our flexible management of communication and enginee­ring allows us to consider individual customer‘s requests. Custom-made problem solutions also for germ-troubled water distributors and pool operators are our qualified offer.

  1. E.T. is the ideal partner for everyone who makes special demands to the water quality and for whom clean water means a good piece of life quality.


Design and dimensioning of water treatment systems

Elaboration of rehabilitation concepts

Cost estimates

Calculation of operating costs

Construction and operation of pilot plants

Plant maintenance

Water analyses for plant dimensioning or solution of problems