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Water supply in hospital building

Water supply in hospital building

Water supply in hospital building

Hospital building - is a heterogeneous complex according to the destination premises. Extremely important a professional approach to the design of water supply, it has its own rules for each section: pathological departments, laboratories, bathrooms and toilets, wash-stands in wards, infectious and general offices, hospital kitchens and office buildings, medical pool, fire system.

In several rooms hot water supply must be duplicated: preoperative, maternity rooms, dressing, sanitary inspection rooms, bathrooms.

For example, the department of hydrotherapy should be provided with pressure hot and cold water at 0.3 MPa.

With the pressure less than 0.1 MPa is necessary to provide the device with a capacity of 3.0 m3 tanks and pumps for both cold and hot water. The tanks are equipped with shut-off valves and float level indicators, overflow and drainage tubes. The tank must be insulated and have a tray with drainage.

In the psychiatric ward of pipes and fittings should not be available for patients.

The lavatories of infectious hospitals should provide pedal or touch control starting water.

Water-consuming production equipment (steam generators, equipment for disinfection and sterilization, washing machines) must be provided with water treatment plants. The method of water treatment (purification, demineralization, softening, etc.), as well as the number of customers and the cost of water, the filter is determined by the requirements of the installation of the process equipment.

All sanitary fittings to be laid by hidden devices.

The used water may be contaminated by biological agents (infectious department), necrotic masses (anatomopathological department), chemical agents (labs), radioactive isotopes (X-ray rooms, facilities for radiotherapy). To prevent the spread of these agents into the environment at the outlet pipes for water supply should be installed respective water treatment plants.

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