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Water treatment plants

Water treatment plants

Water treatment plants

On 21.10.2014 -24.10.2014 in Stuttgart was presented Producers of pools and water treatment plants, including company WET, whose official dealer in Russia is the WestMedGroup.

Water is a good piece of life quality.                                               

In our world, water is of fundamental importance. Water is the most important food and irreplaceable at the same time. It is an indispensable resource and working material for our economy.

The preventive protection of our waterbodies and the responsible handling of our water resources are central tasks of politics, economy and consumers.

The prerequisite for permanent safeguarding of the natural basic survival needs of the population and for economic development is the necessity to protect our water.

W.E.T. are contributing to the protection of the resource water in offering various water treatment plants to produce drinking water.

The combination of expert knowledge and practical experiences in designing, executing and commissioning more than 150 pools and water treatment plants for drinking water form the basis for the development of new innovative processes in water treatment.

For a man, water is more valuable natural wealth than coal, oil, gas, iron, because it is irreplaceable.

Without food a person can live about 50 days if during a hunger strike, he will drink fresh water. Without water, he will not survive, and death occurs within 5 days. According to medical experiments at the loss of moisture at a rate of 6-8% of body weight a person falls into a semiconscious state, the loss of 10% - hallucinations, with 12% - people can not recover without special medical care and after the loss of 20% occurs inevitable death .

Function of the water for humans:

* Moistens oxygen for breathing;

* Regulate body temperature;

* Helps the body to absorb nutrients;

* Protects vital organs;

* Lubricates the joints;

* It helps convert food into energy;

* Involved in metabolism;

* Displays various wastes from the body.