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WestMedGroup at the "MedEkspo. Health & Beauty"

WestMedGroup на выставке "МедЭкспо. Здоровье и красота"

WestMedGroup at the "MedEkspo. Health & Beauty"

Yakutia: specialized exhibition "MedEkspo. Health and beauty”

In celebration of World Health Day, April 10-12, Exhibition "MedEkspo. Health and beauty” will be held in Yakutsk International Specialized.

The objectives of the exhibition is the practical application in the Far North of medical technologies in Russia and abroad, showcasing the achievements of public health, the implementation of the regional market of high-quality medical services and equipment, sports and health screening techniques help a person free from bad habits.

The event was organized Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Yakutia republic Ministries of Health, Labour and Social Development and the National Center for Medical Prevention, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Business Development of the Novosibirsk region.

In addition, the exhibition will be held health fair, where for visitors will be organized free medical consultations.