X-rays door



Together with the doorframe, the metal X-rays door is one of the basic elements for the building of cleanrooms and workplaces with protection against X-rays radiation.

The door is sandwich type. The door wing coat consists of a formed panel made by the precise forming method. Along the coat perimeter, braces of zinccoated sheet are cemented to increase the door wing solidity, hinge and lock fixing.

Mineral wool is used as standard fill together with auxiliary plate HPS and shielding lead insert, which is delivered in thickness within 0,4 mm ÷ 3 mm. A part of door is also shielded doorframe with protection against X-rays radiation.


Shielding lead insert thickness has to be stated by designer every time on base of optimalization and radiation limit according delegated legislature.


  • Door-wing coat and doorframe

- to be cleaned and disinfected by common cleaning agents, in relation to surface treatment

  • Door check

- every two months, or upon need, closing speed, closing force to be set by the setting screws

  • Door with sealing rail

- the space in front of the door to be maintained clean, without solid particles that could cause jamming or damage of the sealing rail

  • To secure permanent quality of the surface treatment, the steel door, with the RAL design, may not be subject to the relative humidity higher than 60%.


Installation and possible dismantling shall be carried out exclusively by a company authorized to do so.