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Безмасляная поршневая компрессорная установка AIRMIL’S 1 and 2

Oil-free piston compressor stations AIRMIL'S 1 and AIRMIL'S 2

The oil-free compressor is a compressor that works without lubrication. The elimination of oil from the compression process guarantees the air purity and safety of the finished products. This is the main advantage of these compressors.
The compressor unit AIRMIL'S 1 has one compressor KOS. In AIRMIL'S 1 there are two such compressors.

Productivity from 3.6 m3/h to 2*15 m3/h.

Volume of the receiver from 24 to 90 liters.


  • Oil-free piston compressors KOS
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Maximum pressure: 7 bar

The use of oil-free compressors saves filters. The use of oil compressors requires the installation of cleaning filters. It is necessary to regularly change the cartridges in order for the filter to function properly. Moreover, the cartridge wears out very quickly and requires replacement in a week or two of use in industries with high compressed air consumption.

Filtration costs are not limited to cartridges and include additional energy costs, since each additional element on the compressor requires an increase in operating pressure, which leads to an increase in consumed electricity. Also, an oil-free compressor in industries with a high consumption of compressed air can save money on compressor oil and cleaning air ducts from deposits.

These advantages of using oil-free compressors allow all the costs of their purchase and installation to pay back in a short period.

WestMedGroup has gained an extensive experience in the supply and maintenance of oil-free compressor units.

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