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Call system

Call system

The main purpose of the ward alarm is to provide reliable and timely call medical staff to a patient who needs help.

Modern optical-acoustic alarm systems perform the following functions:

  • the nurse call
  • the nurse call outside the post
  • visual light indication of the call over the door
  • to the house voice "nurse-patient"
  • check call and the reaction to it alert patients in case of emergency situations. 

Installation of the wireless calling system is necessary not only in the wards but also in other areas in which the patient may experience the need for emergency medical personnel, for example, in the showers, the toilets, the bathrooms, especially in such institutions as hospices, nursing homes, specialized boarding schools for disabled, etc. For the installation of nurse call alarm systems in these areas using special equipment that is resistant to moisture.

Company WestMedGroup has extensive experience of installation and commissioning of the system ward signaling.

Our specialists will select the optimal system that meets the given requirements to the functionality of the ward system, alarm system, ease of operation, system cost and installation works. If necessary will carry out maintenance of equipment.

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