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Certificate SRO - Designing

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Certificates SRO - designing

What is SRO? This so-called self-regulating organization - non-profit organization bringing together entrepreneurs of particular industry. Self-regulatory organizations run by the activities of market participants beyond the basic state requirements. In practice, this means reducing government regulation of the services market.

The prototype - a medieval guild of craftsmen - was also combined the specific profession and monitored the quality of provided services.

SRO functions:

  • The development of uniform standards of industrial activity and the quality standards of their products;
  • Monitoring compliance with standards and regulations;
  • Representing the interests of its members before the public authorities and other market participants,
  • Protection of consumer interests, through mechanisms of collective responsibility (including financial);
  • Lobbying of interests of entrepreneurs;
  • Improving the quality and safety of services;

In connection with Russia's WTO accession, SRO increase the competitiveness of Russian business, by bringing it closer to international standards.

The first "self-regulatory organization" appeared in Russia in the mid-90s - in the securities market. In connection with the adoption of the Federal Law № 315-F3 dated December 1, 2007. "On self-regulating organizations" development of self-regulation in Russia have reached a new stage. By May 2012, the self-regulation organizations with compulsory membership were legally introduced in 10 specialty areas, in particular, in the construction, architectural planning, district heating.

State licensing of construction works abolished from 1 January 2009, it was replaced by self-regulation. From 1 January 2010, the official permit (Certificate of SRO on admission to certain types of work) for professional activity and perform tasks that affect the safety of capital construction projects in the field of design, construction and engineering surveys can be obtained only by becoming a member of the self-regulatory organization . Types of design, construction and engineering surveys which do not affect the safety of capital construction can be made without admission of CPO.

Minimum requirements for the issuance of tolerances established by the Government of the Russian Federation. Supervision over the activities of the SRO and the duty of the state register of SRO construction sector assigned to Rostekhnadzor.

In terms of mandatory union membership were set up self-regulatory organizations:

  • National Association of Designers
  • National Association of Builders
  • The National Federation of surveyors

SRO - a simplified financing scheme - do not need additional funds from the budget, due to the existence of such systems, the average business will get support from his colleagues, this simplified scheme of state control. What is the benefit for consumers? Now it is enough to appeal to the head of one of these organizations and to obtain the necessary information to a company that is a member.

Thus, certificates of SRO - it is currently the main documents that allow companies to provide a construction work. WestMedGroup have tolerances for the design and installation of gas distribution consoles and water distribution systems in health care facilities, ward communication systems and alarms - both primary and in the place of the existing engineering structures.

The company is engaged in designing clean hospital rooms, protective boxes to isolate infected patients.

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