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Clean Room Ventilation

Вентиляция чистых помещений

Clean Room Ventilation

A room is considered clean, when the amount of aerosol particles and the number of bacteria in the air are maintained at a certain low level. It is impossible to imagine the treatment of patients, laboratory researches, pharmaceutical production and the electronic industry without clean rooms.

The ventilation system is an integral part of clean rooms, ensuring compliance with restrictions on air pollution, as well as compliance with requirements for a given microclimate. There are nine classes of clean rooms depending on the concentration of dust and bacteria in the air.

To reduce pollution in clean rooms of high class, special ventilation systems are used, in which the air flow moves from top to down without turbulence. Within a laminar flow of air dirt particles from people and equipment do not scatter throughout the room but are collected by the flow near the floor.

To maintain the required air parameters you can apply:

  • coarse filters;
  • filters for fine air purification;
  • air intake and air distribution equipment;
  • fans;
  • electric valves;
  • steam humidification systems;
  • heat exchangers;
  • refrigerating machines;
  • air disinfection systems.

In medicine ventilation systems are used in:

  • modular installations for cleaning and disinfection of air in small clean rooms (procedural, dressing, preoperative, anesthetic)
  • aseptic wards with laminar flow for patients with immunosuppression, for intensive therapy of leukemia, after bone marrow transplantation, with extensive burns
  • aseptic operating room with laminar flow of air for a low level of microbial contamination in the open wounds during surgical operations

WestMedGroup is engaged in the design of clean rooms and offers customized solutions for ventilation and air conditioning systems, which provide 24/7 trouble-free work within the necessary air parameters.

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