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Oil-free scroll compressor. One or two compressors, an air treatment system, a filtration unit and a control unit are installed on the air receiver.

Air pressure: 8-9 bar (continuous regulation)

Productivity SCROLAIR 1 from 12.6 m³/h to 29.3 m³/h.

Productivity SCROLAIR 2 from 2x12,6 m³/h to 2x29,3 m³/h.

Volume of the receiver: 300 l (SCROLAIR 1), 500 l (SCROLAIR 2)

The gas compression occurs between two spiral elements, one of which is stationary and the other performs plane-parallel motion with the help of an eccentric shaft and an anti-rotation device. Gas is compressed in closed sickle-shaped cavities, as a result of a reduction in their volume while they move from the periphery to the center. The final volume is displaced through the discharge hole located in the center of the stationary spiral element.

Scroll compressors have successfully withstood the test of time and actively began to displace other types of compressors (especially piston ones). Scroll compressors more reliable in operation, contain 40% less parts than piston compressors, produce less noise and have a longer service life.


  • Production of medical air
  • Noiseless or standard version
  • Standards NF EN ISO 7396-1, HTM BS and NFPA, GOST ISO 7396-1
  • Compact design, easy installation
  • Low noise level
  • Air treatment systems of adsorption type SEC 7HC
  • Integrated hygrometric sensor
  • Air quality complies with European standards
  • Built-in network signals
  • PROCOM 2 or CYCLIC 2020 controllers

On request, the compressor is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Coarse filters are catching drops of 5-40 μm in size
  • Filters of fine cleaning are catching droplets up to 1 micron
  • Micro-cleaning filters are catching droplets up to 0.01 μm
  • Carbon filters capable of trapping oil vapors up to 0.0008 μm in size.

The compressor unit is equipped with a hygrometer and, optionally, with a water-oil separator OWAMAT.

HOSPITAIR® 1 and HOSPITAIR® 2 is a similar arrangement, but with installed lubricated piston compressors.

WestMedGroup is engaged in the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of compressor stations.

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