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The Italian company Habitare is a well-known all over the world the manufacturer of medical furniture: mobile racks and trolleys, equipment turnkey operating theaters, clean rooms and intensive care units (Omas).

All this makes the Habitare ideal trading partner for health care for over 30 years, covering a wide range of medical needs.

Karismedica-Hospital-Equipment is a market leader specialised in the supply of: turnkey equipment (Karismedica Arredi), medicine distribution trolleys (Karrel & Aurion), operating blocks, sterile chambers and intensive care units (Omas).

This is the reason why it relies on beauty (from the Greek word Kàris, which also means “beautiful thing”), proposition, flexibility, enormous productive capacity, logistics and the guarantee of providing immediate answers to the client, in regard to the supply of one or more specific products, as well as the commissioning of a ward or an entire “turnkey” facility.

Born from the merger of four important companies in this field – KARREL, trolley producer, CLA HOSPITAL & HARMONIE specialised in Hospital Equipment and RSA, OMAS, provider of operating theatres ready for use, KARISMEDICA is specialised in the supply of integrated services and products connected to the world of health care and medical products.

With a head office in Gattatico (RE) and a branch in Oderzo (TV), Karismedica offers an all-round personalised service thanks to thirty years of experience and the multi-sector know-how of its three divisions.

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