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Compressor station HOSPITAIR®1

Compressor station with one lubricated piston compressor for the production of medical compressed air. Compressors, air handling systems, filtration modules and the CYCLIC 2020 control unit are mounted on a 500 liter receiver, which reduces the fluctuations and allows you to quickly connect to the gas transmission network and to provide the compressed air to consumers.

Air pressure: 10 or 15 bar depending on the compressor.

Performance at 10 bar: from 17 m³/h to 33 m³/h.

Productivity at 15 bar: from 11 m³/h to 27 m³/h.


  • Two versions: with protective screen and without.
  • Complies with NF EN ISO 7396-1, HTM BS, ISO 7396-1
  • Compact design and easy installation
  • Air treatment systems with air drying according to adsorption type SEC 7HC
  • Air quality meets European standards
  • Built-in network signals

The compressor unit is equipped with a hygrometer and, optionally, with a water-oil separator OWAMAT.

It is possible to connect the REPORT STATUS device to the control unit for remote monitoring.

The HOSPITAIR® 2 model with two compressors and a 500-liter receiver can be used for medical facilities with a high consumption of compressed air.

WestMedGroup is engaged in the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of compressor stations.

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