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Вакуумная установка Hospivac 2

Automatic vacuum plants Hospivac 2

MIL'S high-tech and reliable automatic vacuum stations are ready for  use in medical institutions. They are equipped with two vacuum pumps EVISA with forced lubrication, which ensure a long service life. The system of depreciation and the use of high-quality pumps allowed to achieve a lack of vibration during operation. Built-in parallel double bacterial filtration line allows you to change filters without interrupting the work of the station.

The rated output is from 2 x 19.2 m³ / h to 2 x 293 m³ / h.

Volume of the receiver from 500 l to 750 l.

The vacuum station is equipped with control device: PROCOM 2, CYCLIC 2020 or MILLENIUM as options.

Hospivac® 2 stations comply with current technical and medical standards.

Other features:

  • Motors PF55 - class F (special motors on request)
  • Meet the requirements of ISO 7396-1
  • Optional FLEXO constant vacuum device: an adjustment device that allows the use of small volume receivers
  • Remote monitoring through the J-BUS (RS 485) on the control panels CYCLIC 2020 or PROCOM
  • Condensate drainage tank (water trap)
  • Connection for an optional receiver (when using the ON / OFF CONTROL device)
  • Built-in network pressure alarm
  • Suction and discharge hoses are included

The vacuum station is connected to a power source: 400 V, 3-phase current, 50 Hz.

We recommend the use of vacuum stations HOSPIVAC 3 when  higher vacuum output is required. Also in the model range there is a less powerful compact vacuum station HOSPIVAC 1.

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