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Our company currently has the following vacancies:


  • Knowledge of legislation and regulatory documents on the design of internal and external gas supply, construction and operation of health facilities and industrial facilities
  • knowledge of the rules and regulations of safety, fire safety and industrial sanitation
  • ability to work with programs (AutoCAD, ArchiCad, SCAD, Microsoft Office)
  • ability to work with technical documentation, read construction and technological drawings
  • personal qualities: punctuality ‚attentiveness, technical mentality, responsibility, ingenuity
  • work experience: with experience from 1 year
  • education: secondary special, higher (profile)


  • Design in the field of medical gas supply (with the participation in the reconstruction, construction, overhaul of medical institutions, hospitals, etc. sections OVIK, VK, KR)
  • collection and preparation of initial data for design
  • development of projects at stages P and RD in accordance with current regulatory and technical documents


  • Registration by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
  • salary: 80,000 rubles
  • schedule: full time. 5/2. From 10 to 19 (or from 9 to 18)
  • probationary period: 2 months
  • salary for a trial period: on the basis of an interview

The contact person:

  • Sidyakina Olga: +7 (925) 782 50 08
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