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Medical Lights

Medical lights SIMEON

Medical lights SIMEON

The latest generation of monochrome white LEDs, the patented reflection technology and the unique design of lamps improve the quality of illumination without shadows.

Extensive reflective surface creates a perfect homogeneous shadowless lighting due to the ideal location of the reflective modules and the direction of light waves. The shadowless system of SIMEON’s reflectors (RSRS) provides excellent illumination in any situation - without sensors, other sensor systems or automatic regulation of light indices.

In addition, a well-thought aluminum housing and a well-developed heat exchange system provide the lamps with important advantages:

direct heat transfer prolongs the life of the LEDs;
optimized heat transfer and low power consumption.
Hygienic standards of lighting in the operating room and viewing are determined by the simplicity and the ability to quickly sanitize the lamp. This is achieved using ESG glass (instead of plastic coated glass) and sealed construction of Sim series lamps.

All work functions are intuitively controlled through a gimbal control panel.

The lineup:

  • Sim.LED 250
  • Sim.LED 350
  • Sim.LED 3500+
  • Sim.LED 4500
  • Sim.LED 5000 MC
  • Sim.LED 7000 MC
  • Sim.LED 5000 SC
  • Sim.LED 7000 SC


  • Central lighting Ec (1m): from 25,000 to 160,000 lux;
  • electronic brightness control: in models Sim.LED 3500+ and higher;
  • diameter of the light field d10 at a distance of 1m: from 110 to 330 mm;
  • electronic regulation of the field in models Sim.LED 5000 MC and above;
  • color temperature: 3,500 / 4,000 / 4,500 5,000 / 5,500 depending on the model;
  • weight from 23.8 to 47.5 kg.
You can request additional information about the equipment, as well as find out the cost and place an order by writing to us at
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