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Console with medical gas outlets MZ Liberec RN07-DN1

Консоль MZ Liberec DN 1

Bed head units MZ Liberec RN07-DN1

Lighting and gas supply consoles MZ Liberec DN1 are profile wall modules intended for medical institutions. One can use these consoles for standard wards or ICU. They are produced in the Czech Republic using the most modern technologies.

The MZ Liberec DN1 wall consoles are equipped with quick-connectors for medical gases, electrical outlets 220V, communication connectors sister-patient and data transfer, as well as with  various types of luminaires for top, direct and night lighting, shelves or shoulders with hinges. Dual socket resource is up to 10,000 connections.

The position of the lower block with gas connectors is determined by requirements of the customer. The console can be equipped with built-in medical laths and other accessories.

An integrated remote switch can also be controlled by a patient-nurse connection.

The night and direct light switch can be installed on the module or on the wall.

Wall brackets can be interconnected for more beds. The maximum length of the common module is 4950 mm.

Gas connectors can be installed on the right side of DN1 (right-hand version) or at the customer's request on the left side (left version).

Connectors for quick connection of medical gases belong to categories - oxygen DIN13260-2, compressed air DIN13260-2, vacuum DIN13260-2, etc.

Valves for gases connections (of any type ČSN, DIN, AFNOR, AGA, BS):

  • oxygen
  • vacuum
  • compressed air
  • nitrous oxide
  • carbon dioxide
  • pneumatic tools
  • anesthetic gas outlet connector.

Possible completeness:

  • electrical outlets: up to 20
  • connectors of medical gases: up to 3х
  • bed lighting
  • general lighting
  • night lighting.

Material: anodized aluminum. Its advantages: lightness, strength, safety for health, resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet, durability, ease in maintenance, oxide layer protects itfro high humidity; anodized surface does not darken and does not require an additional processing.

Medical consoles are manufactured in accordance with TU 9452-001-23481752-2016 and meet the requirements of Russian and European legislation.

WestMedGroup also supplies high-quality medical wall brackets with medical gas sources: DN1, DN2single-row DN3, DN3, DN4ZS07 and ZS07L; wall panels for the distribution of medical gases: DN5-1, DN5-2, DN5-3, DN5-4, equipped with quick gas connectors and wall panel DN0 without medical gas valves.

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