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Oil-free piston compressors

Безмасляные поршневые компрессоры

Oil-free piston compressors

KOS and KS1 - single-stage reciprocating compressors with a working pressure of 7-10 bar. The compact design of the compressor with direct connection of the motor-compressor facilitates installation and operation.

Long service life is assured thanks to Teflon piston rings and low speed (1500 rpm).

High-efficiency, double-stream air cooling. The internal cooling of the crankcase allows to reach a maximum pressure of up to 10 bar.

Oil-free piston compressors KOS and K1S do not need a maintenance and operate without transmission losses.

They are supplied in two versions: with and without body and installed on the compressor station AIRMIL'S.

WestMedGroup is engaged in the supply, installation and maintenance of compressor stations in Russia.

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