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Плечи консолей

Swiveling arm of ceiling console OK07-28

The swivel arms OK07-28 from MZ Liberec combine the functions of the horizontal rotation of the shoulders and the rotation of the  source column. They provide an ergonomic design, unhindered access to the patient, a more comfortable and safe workplace.

Ceiling consoles serve to transfer medical gases and electricity from the ceiling to the workplace of a medical specialist. An integral part of consoles are cabinets of different types of sources. The lifting capacity of the console depends on the type of cabinet and the chosen length of the arm. The color and dimensions of the console are determined by the customer.



Horizontal rotation


1 arm

2 arms


Vertical lifting

Cabinet «А» type


Cabinet «L» type


Cabinet «Z» type


Possibility of rotation of the cabinet


MZ Liberec consoles can include all types of gas connectors, electrical outlets and a wide range of attachments. Dual socket resource - up to 10,000 connections.

It is possible to equip the unit with additional arms for accessories, as well as a halogen 20V lamp, anesthesia connector and a pneumatic actuator for surgical instruments.

The possibility of rotation, in combination with a horizontal folding arm with electric drive, helps to establish the required position of the cabinet. All swivel arms are equipped with a hand-held control post that is located on the front of the built-in shelf.

The swivel ceiling unit has in standard version 6 gas quick connectors (O2, N2O, compressed medical air, vacuum), 4 control gauges, 1 quick connector for anesthetic removal or pneumatic actuator for surgical instruments, 8 electric sockets 230 V, 4 sleeves for the protective connection and 1 × shelf. It is possible to supply the equipment with a monitoring socket, telephone socket, etc.

ОК07-28 is the complex with 2 swivel arms of 800 mm with the rotating source cabinet.
Material: anodized aluminum. Its advantages: lightness, strength, safety, resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet, durability, ease of care and aesthetics. The layer of oxide film makes it possible to use the product with high humidity.


1. Source Column (L)
2. Shelf
3. Rotary arm
5. False Ceiling Cover (O 580, height 180)
6. Spacer
7. False Ceiling
8. Ceiling
9. Floor
H = Ceiling Height
H2 = False Ceiling Height

WestMedGroup supplies, installs and maintains ceiling consoles.

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