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Such a column combines in itself medical gas outlets and electrical & media sockets in the workplace of medical staff with high demands on technical facility equipment. Its fitting is optional as per individual needs of the workplace concerned.

Its frontwall is equipped with two stainless steel brackets which vertically adjustable shelves, infusion pumpholders or other equipment can be attached to. The sidewalls are set with media outlets.

The source column can be combined with any arms of series OK07. Available in three lengths L06 (694 mm), L10 (1094 mm) and L15 (1594 mm) that determine the maximum equipment of the source column concerned.

The surgical cabinet of sources is intended for ceiling units in operating rooms and compartments with high requirements for the supply of medical gas and electricity. The equipment can be selected depending on the needs and individual requirements of the staff. On the front part the source cabinet is equipped with two stainless rod-holders for height-adjustable shelves, holders of infusion pumps and other attachments.

All MZ Liberec products are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN 737 of medical equipment of classes 2a and 2b. The type of gas connectors is DIN 13260-2-2004. The products are certified in accordance with GOST ISO 9001-2001 and EN ISO 13485 (2003) in January 2004.

WestMedGroup designs medical facilities and supplies a full range of medical equipment: gas supply systems, clean rooms, alarm systems, luminaires, syringe pumps, medical beds, electrocardiographs, disinfection and sterilization equipment, anti-bedsore mattresses, patient monitors and emergency equipment.


Thorough study of construction, technological and operational tasks, taking into account the requirements stipulated by the relevant regulatory documents for the design of hospitals and polyclinics. 3D-visualization of architectural solutions and technological processes.


Production of high-tech equipment for medical gas supply systems, which includes compressor and vacuum stations, oxygen generators and a wide range of medical consoles and their components. The production meets the requirements of domestic and European quality and safety standards.


Our specialists carry out a full list of works on construction, overhaul and reconstruction of health facilities, including such stages as: organization and holding of a tender, obtaining initial permits, passing state expertise, technical supervision and construction control, putting the facility into operation.

Supply of equipment

Equipping of medical institutions with high-tech equipment and medical equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. Monitoring of technical innovations allows you to purchase medical engineering systems and equipment of the latest generation with effective innovative solutions.


Installation of medical gas systems, equipment, ventilation systems, as well as structural elements of clean rooms. WestMedGroup provides a full range of installation services using the latest advanced technologies.


Maintenance and repair of medical equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's standards. Specialists of our company restore the efficiency of the equipment, replace the units worn out during operation. The guarantee of impeccable quality of the works performed is the availability of WestMedGroup's existing quality management system, licenses for production and maintenance of medical equipment.


Professional development, training and retraining of technical staff in designing health systems of gas supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the medical equipment is carried on professional courses and workshops, after which the certificate is issued

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