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Spencer Italia S.r.l company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of equipment for medical emergency and intensive care.

Spencer product range:

  • ambulance or recovery stretchers;
  • wheelchairs;
  • medical tires;
  • vacuum tires;
  • pneumatic tires;
  • trolleys;
  • means of immobilization and transportation;
  • vacuum mattresses;
  • spinal boards;
  • cervical collars;
  • transport splints;
  • medical trolleys.

Successful work since 1989 allowed Spencer to become one of the world’s leaders at the development and production of equipment for emergency services.

Srechner includes traditions and innovations, the experience and desire to help people in each new product. The company is aimed at the exceptional quality of products, a wide range of products and a high culture of production and service from the very beginning of its development. The basis of production are such operational characteristics as practicality, reliability, and durability of products

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