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Technical vacuum

Technical vacuum - state of the gas at low pressure, highly rarefied gas. Technical vacuum has thermodynamic definition: a vacuum is considered a state with the pressure at which the mean free path of atoms or molecules is greater than the size of the tank.

Strictly speaking, the technical vacuum called in the vessel or gas pipeline pressure is lower than in the surrounding atmosphere.

Vacuum quality



Atmospheric pressure



Low vacuum

760 to 25

1×10+5 to 3×10+3

Medium vacuum

25 to 1×10−3

3×10+3 to 1×10−1

High vacuum

1×10−3 to 1×10−9

1×10−1 to 1×10−7

Ultra high vacuum

1×10−9 to 1×10−12

1×10−7 to 1×10−10

Extremely high vacuum



Outer space

1×10−6 to <3×10−17

1×10−4 to < 3×10−15

Perfect vacuum




Experimental studies of evaporation and condensation, surface phenomena, certain thermal processes, low temperatures, nuclear and thermonuclear reactions are carried out in vacuum installations. A charged particle accelerator is inconceivable without a vacuum in nuclear physics.

Chemical industry
Vacuum systems are used in chemistry to study the properties of pure substances, study the composition and separation of the components of mixtures, the rates of chemical reactions.
Vacuum dryers are used in the production of synthetic fibers, polyamides, aminoplastics, polyethylene, organic solvents. Vacuum filters are used in the production of pulp, paper, lubricating oils. Crystallization vacuum devices are used in the production of dyes and fertilizers.

Dewar vessels work with a vacuum layer.

Instrument making
The technical application of vacuum is continuously expanding, but since the end of the last century and up to now the most important application of it remains electronic technology. Low and medium vacuum is used in lighting devices and gas discharge devices, high vacuum in receiving and amplifying and generator tubes. The vacuum is not required for the operation of a semiconductor device, but vacuum technology is widely used in the process of its manufacture. Especially widely vacuum technology is used in the manufacture of microcircuits, where the processes of depositing thin films, ion etching, and electronolithography provide the production of elements of submicron-sized electronic circuits.

Super-clean substances, semiconductors, dielectrics are made in vacuum crystallization plants.
Vacuum impregnation as the most economical method is widely used in the production of transformers, electric motors, capacitors and cables, Increase the service life and reliability when operating in vacuum switching electrical apparatus.

The optical industry in the production of optical and household mirrors has shifted from chemical silvering to vacuum aluminization. Enlightened optics, protective layers and interference filters are obtained by spraying thin layers in a vacuum.

Melting and remelting of metals in vacuum releases them from dissolved gases, due to which they acquire high mechanical strength, ductility and viscosity.
In vacuum  non-carbon iron grades for electric motors are made, along with highly electrically conductive copper, magnesium, calcium, tantalum, platinum, titanium, zirconium, beryllium, rare metals and their alloys. Vacuuming is widely used in the production of high-quality steels. Sintering in vacuum of powders of refractory metals, such as tungsten and molybdenum, is one of the main technological processes of powder metallurgy.
Alloys with any ratio of components can be obtained by vacuum molecular epitaxy. Artificial crystals of diamond, ruby, sapphire are produced in vacuum installations. Diffusion welding in vacuum allows one to obtain non-detachable sealed joints of materials with widely differing melting points. In this way, the ceramic is combined with the metal, steel with aluminum, etc. High-quality compound of materials with homogeneous properties provides electron-beam welding in vacuum.

Auto engineering
Vacuum is used to study the processes of setting materials and dry-friction, to apply hardening coatings to cutting tools and wear-resistant coatings on machine parts, to grip and transport parts in automatic machines and automatic lines. Vacuum drafts are operated by vacuum cleaners. Vacuum is used to supply fuel in carburetors, in vacuum amplifiers of brake systems of cars.

Food industry
For long-term storage and preservation of food products, vacuum freeze-drying is used. The packaging of perishable products, carried out in a vacuum, prolongs the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Vacuum evaporation is used in the production of sugar, desalination of sea water, salt treatment. Vacuum milking machines are common in agriculture.

In dry freezing, water is removed from the materials and frozen at low temperatures placed in a vacuum. The process of crystallization in the production of sugar is also carried out with the help of vacuum in order to energy saving during the extraction of water.
With a stepwise core separation vacuum is used to extract acetone or dichloromethane from the preparation, to enhance impregnation.

In vacuum frying, for example, of potato chips, vacuum is used to reduce harmful by-products (acrylamides) formed during the Maillard reaction at low temperatures.

Vacuum packaging and preservation of products.

Space industry
Vacuum formation of multilayer ceramic-like coatings on metal substrates on the basis of cuprates (high-temperature superconducting magnets); vacuum crystallization of metals, providing the creation of light high-strength structures 

Our equipment
Company WestMedGroup offers qualified design, installation and construction of the gas distribution systems of technical vacuum by MIL'S.
Central vacuum station for medical use, vacuum pumps, vacuum systems for laboratories.
Mils vacuum stations are specialized equipment that can be used in various areas, but the greatest popularity it currently has in medicine:

  • Central vacuum stations;
  • Vacuum pumps;
  • Vacuum systems for laboratories.


Thorough study of construction, technological and operational tasks, taking into account the requirements stipulated by the relevant regulatory documents for the design of hospitals and polyclinics. 3D-visualization of architectural solutions and technological processes.


Production of high-tech equipment for medical gas supply systems, which includes compressor and vacuum stations, oxygen generators and a wide range of medical consoles and their components. The production meets the requirements of domestic and European quality and safety standards.


Our specialists carry out a full list of works on construction, overhaul and reconstruction of health facilities, including such stages as: organization and holding of a tender, obtaining initial permits, passing state expertise, technical supervision and construction control, putting the facility into operation.

Supply of equipment

Equipping of medical institutions with high-tech equipment and medical equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. Monitoring of technical innovations allows you to purchase medical engineering systems and equipment of the latest generation with effective innovative solutions.


Installation of medical gas systems, equipment, ventilation systems, as well as structural elements of clean rooms. WestMedGroup provides a full range of installation services using the latest advanced technologies.


Maintenance and repair of medical equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's standards. Specialists of our company restore the efficiency of the equipment, replace the units worn out during operation. The guarantee of impeccable quality of the works performed is the availability of WestMedGroup's existing quality management system, licenses for production and maintenance of medical equipment.


Professional development, training and retraining of technical staff in designing health systems of gas supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the medical equipment is carried on professional courses and workshops, after which the certificate is issued

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