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Transfer hatch

Transfer gateways

You can use a transfer gateway, mounted directly into the partition, to transfer small items and material between rooms with different classes of cleanliness. The walls, ceiling and base of the transfer booth are made of sandwich panels.

A HEPA filter is attached to the upper part of the sluice with a hole if a laminar flow of air is necessary inside the gateway. The lower part of the right door is fitted with an exhaust grate to draw the air from the lock. The base of the transfer gateway is equipped with a perforated sheet, under which there is a receiving bath, if it is possible to place an adjustment grate in the panel.

The outer and inner cases can be made of material at the customer's choice and in any color.

The glazed door can be left-handed or right-handed.


  • active - supply of filtered air through the HEPA filter, the air outlet is in a room with the worst cleanliness class;
  • semi-active - the airlock is blown through the air from a room with a better class of cleanliness with discharge to a room with a worse class;
  • passive - the cabin is not serviced by air-handling equipment.

Care and cleaning

The varnished surfaces are washed with non-abrasive alcohol-based detergents.

Stainless steel surfaces are washed with non-abrasive  alcohol-based disinfectant detergents, or with minimal  alcohol-based abrasive detergents (in the case of polished surfaces - always in the grinding direction), in case of more pollution - on the  acid-based of. Concentration, depending on the degree of contamination.

Glass surfaces must be wiped with a damp, thin cloth in combination with  alcohol-based detergents.

WestMedGroup is engaged in the design of clean rooms, including the installation of ceilings with integrated laminar flow air distributors and luminaries.

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