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Двери чистых помещений поворотные основные

Basic swinging door

The metal swing door is one of the main elements of clean rooms and workplaces with maximum safety, sterility and sanitization. The body of the door is formed by a shaped cassette made by precision molding. Along the perimeter of the body there are stiffeners to increase the rigidity of the door’s portal, as well as to fasten the hinges and the lock. The body, the stiffeners and the filler are mutually glued under pressure.

The door can be either solid or glazed, with a double glazing. The glass sheets are flush with the surface of the door. The space between the panes can be equipped with a curtain.


  • The body of the door and the doorway are cleaned and disinfected with ordinary detergents, depending on the finishing layer
  • The glazing of the doors is cleaned with ordinary detergents for glass. Do not use acids, solvents or similar chemicals.
  • Grease steel hinges, and, if necessary, adjust the hinges (every two months)
  • Check the door closer every two months or, if necessary, adjust using the screws
  • Cleenroom doors with a sealing strip on the bottom: the area in front of the door must be kept clean without solids, which could cause seizure or damage to the sealing strip
  • The use of steel doors in RAL version in rooms with a relative humidity of more than 60% is not allowed to ensure a permanent quality of the surface finish

WestMedGroup provides design and installation of clean rooms for medical and industrial purposes.

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