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Window panel

Оконные панели

Window panel

Together with the partition wall system, the fully glazed window panel represent one of the basic elements for the construction of cleanrooms and facilities with maximum safety, sterility, hygiene, simple maintenance and sanitation.

In question is the PHARMA type glazing, i.e. the twosided glazing, where the glass plates are flush with the panel surface. Due to its layout it is suitable, first of all, for hospitals, for pharmaceutical, electrical, engineering, and foodstuff industry facilities etc.

Advantages of the window panels

  • Quick installation and dismantling, enabling flexible change of the spatial layout.
  • The system of the window panels connection is identical with the installation system of standard partitions, i.e. by means of mutual slip-over.
  • The window panel flush with the both surface sides of other partition panels.

Maintenance and cleaning of the both glazing types

  • Glass may not be cleaned by acids, thinners, and by other chemical agents that may affect the protection silicon layer between a glass plate and a glazing molding.
  • Upon a larger-scale integrity damage of the protection silicon layer it is necessary to consult the defect removal with the manufacturer.
  • Upon a glass crack, glass is exchanged exclusively by a company authorised by the manufacturer.
  • Any check on the installed glazing is inadmissible.
  • To secure the quality of the surface treatment, the installed glazing may not be subject to air humidity, in an object, higher than 60 %.

WestMedGroup provides design and installation of clean rooms for medical and industrial purposes.

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