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Двери рентгенозащитные

X-rays doors

The metal X-ray-resistant door with the metal frame is one of the main elements for X-ray protection of clean rooms. Doors have a sandwich construction. The case of the door leaf is formed by a shaped cassette made by precision molding. Along the perimeter of the body there are stiffeners to increase the stiffness of the door leaf, as well as to fasten the hinges and the lock. The standard cavity filler is mineral wool with an additional HPS plate and a shielding lead insert. A thickness of 0.4 mm to 3 mm. As a part of the door there is a shielded joint with protection from X-rays.

When the door leaf is opened on 180º, the width of the passage is equal to the width of the jamb in the light.

The thickness of the shielding lead-in liner is always determined by the designer based on radiation limits in accordance with the legal norm.

Care and maintenance:

  • The case of the door leaf and the doorway are cleaned and disinfected with ordinary detergents, depending on the finishing of the surface
  • Door closer
    - adjust its speed and closing force using screws every two months or if necessary
  • Door with sealing strip
    - the area in front of the door must be kept clean without solids, which could cause seizure or damage to the sealing strip.
  • The use of steel doors in RAL version in rooms with relative air humidity exceeding 60% is not allowed to ensure a permanent quality of the surface finish.

WestMedGroup is engaged in the design, installation and equipping of clean rooms for surgical and resuscitation departments, intensive care units, etc.

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