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External oxygen pipeline

External oxygen pipeline

External oxygen pipeline

Oxygen pipeline is needed for centralized uninterrupted supply of medical gases in hospitals. Currently, in most regions of Russia oxygen supply carried out by the means of pumping of compressed gas cylinders. There are existing external gas pipelines, built in the middle of the last century, which have significant wear and can not cope with the load. Oxygen demand increases.

Installation of external oxygen distribution networks carried out in accordance with the requirements of Departmental building codes 10-83. and 49-83.

External oxygen pipelines are laid in trenches with a mandatory backfilling the trench.

External oxygen pipeline made of seamless pipes cold and corrosion - resistant steel to RF national standard 9941-81 with a wall thickness of 3 mm.

The gas pressure in the design of outdoor networks accepted up to 16 kg / sq. cm and a speed of 50 m / s.

The width of the trench at the bottom should be D + 0.3 m but not less than 0.7 m, where D - outer diameter of the pipe.

Not allowed networks laying (building regulations 3.05.05-84) in open trenches, troughs, tunnels and canals, as well as for buildings and structures.

Oxygen generator output of 100 l / min, used for the needs of a large organization in the oxygen should be installed outside the building in special containers equipped with lighting, heating and air conditioning.

When using external oxygen pipeline from an external source of supply gas pressure in external networks be taken to 1.6 MPa and a speed of 50 m / s. Distance from the building to the medical organizations containers with plants oxygen generators are not standardized.

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