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FLOVAC® disposable containers


The FLOVAC® disposable containers are used for the collection of organic fluids in suction and have been designed and manufactured for applications of “high flow and high vacuum” (EN ISO 10079-3). This system mixes simplicity and practicality, guaranteeing great safety from contamination for operators, for the suction plants and for the environment, thanks to the use of the latest manufacturing technologies and of absolutely reliable materials. The containers are made in three sizes (1, 2, and 3 liters), to be used according to the effective requirements about the volumes expected to be suctioned, and they are manufactured in two distinct versions: LINER VERSION: made by a reusable support rigid container and a disposable collection system, consisting of a resistant bag hermetically welded to the cover; CANISTER VERSION: fully disposable system consisting of a rigid container and a lid to be hermetically coupled before the start of the suction. Both versions show differentiated connecting ports for connecting the collection container with the suction line, with the patient and, if necessary, with another container to increase the suctioned fluid capacity (TANDEM port).

The FLOVAC® system is the result of twenty years of flow-meter™ experience in the production of disposable devices for the collection of suctioned fluids and get the most important characteristics in its special hydrophobic filter GORE™ Medical Membrane. This filter protects the vacuum generating devices or the centralized suction plant from contamination, as it performs the function of overflow valve, turning off the suction when wetted by the fluid reaching the maximum level of container filling. The lid keeps space for all the connection ports, easily identifiable and not exchangeable each other: the VACUUM port, connected to the suction, the PATIENT port having a removable elbow connector to get larger port diameter and allowing suction of fluids containing also small parts of organic material, and the TANDEM port, for the connection in cascade of two or more identical devices to increase the collection capacity. Two caps placed on the lid allow the hermetic seal of the PATIENT and TANDEM ports, while, always integrated in the cover, a handle facilitates the LINER removal from the support jar, as well as simplifies the transport of the container. The lid hermetic seal makes the use and disposal particularly hygienic, simple and safe, both for the patient and for the staff involved with the removal and replacement of the LINERS and CANISTERS. The FLOVAC® system includes a wide and complete range of accessories.


Lid material

HDPE (high density polyethylene)


Conic connector, female


  • 14.0 ÷ 15.5 mm
    (Ø 8.0 ÷ 9.2 mm with elbow connector)


  • 8.0 ÷ 9.2 mm

Maximum suction value

-750 mbar (-570 mm Hg)

Maximum flow value

42 LPM under recommended conditions

Maximum graduation interval

50 ml

Patient hose sizes

inner Ø ≥ 6 mm - L max =2.5 m

Vacuum hose sizes

inner Ø ≥ 6 mm - L max =1.8 m

FILTER main characteristics

Filtration efficienty (typical)

>99.999995% with particle size of 0.1µ


100% expanded PTFE GORE-TEXTM Medical Membrane


micro fiberglass


non-woven PE/PES