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Types of home oxygen systems

Types of home oxygen systems

Types of home oxygen systems

There are three basic home oxygen systems, and some of their combinations for adjusting to the needs of the client.

Oxygen Concentrator

Device that produces oxygen from the air. It is small, convenient and relatively inexpensive device. Separately it is necessary to calculate the cost of consumed electricity. Most oxygen concentrators installed in a specific room, and the length of the tube wound to help the patient to move around the house. Max oxygen consumption of oxygen concentrator 5-6 l / min.

Liquid oxygen

Receptacles for conventional liquid oxygen - is a highly effective method of transportation. One liter of liquid oxygen equals 860 liters of gas. Oxygen in a -297 ° F and a pressure 18-22 psi - remains in the liquid state. Liquified oxygen delivered to the patient at home to the base unit, which can be both a source of oxygen in the home and mobile filling devices for street. Standard oxygen tanks do not require a power supply, noiseless, do not have large mobile parts. Typically, the basic unit (usually, oxygen bottles) requires refilling every 2 weeks.

Portable systems of liquefied oxygen

These systems have increased mobility. Usually they take form of a small and lightweight portable device, that has large storage capacity, tight tank filling. These devices are useful for patients, leading an active lifestyle. On average, they are designed for 10 hours of continuous operation. The portable device can be connected to the tank for continuous operation during sleep.

Oxygen high pressure system

Thirty years ago, oxygen cylinders and regulators have been standard of home oxygen therapy. Today, cylinders of different sizes are used as a fallback on long journeys.

Canned small aluminum cylinders of oxygen - an alternative to the liquefied oxygen cylinders at home.

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