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About WestMedGroup WestMedGrupp Ltd.

About us

The main activity of the company «WestMedGroup» - is equipping hospitals and emergency medical services with high quality medical equipment.

The proposed equipment is reliable and economically priced.

Main activities:

1. Design of gas pipes for industry and medical institutions.
2. Delivery of equipment for gas supply:

Presentation of WestMedGroup 2019

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3. Our production of medical ceiling and wall consoles.
4. Equipment and designing of clean rooms.
5. Equipment for emergency departments, including cars, helicopters and other mobile medical units. Manufacturer: Weinmann (Germany) Spencer (Italy).
6. Equipment for hospital wards. Manufacturer: Habitare (Italy).
7. System of biological protection.
8. Installation of the above equipment.
9. Commissioning.
10. Repair and maintenance.

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