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Construction, reconstruction and repair of hospitals and clinics


WestMedGroup has established itself not only as a manufacturer and supplier of high-tech medical equipment and medical products. The company also provides a wide range of services in the field of construction, overhaul and reconstruction of healthcare institutions of various profiles. To successfully compete with other Russian construction companies in terms of prices and quality, we are served by a staff of highly qualified engineering and technical specialists. Also we have our own production facility, transport, mechanisms and warehouses.


Overall repair and reconstruction

Overhaul and reconstruction of buildings includes such types of work as strengthening of load-bearing structures, installation of ventilated facades, replacement of window structures and roofing, exterior and interior decoration, monolithic works. The engineering knowledge and experience of our specialists allow us to perform any installation, including systems of ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and sewerage, power supply, heating, access control and supervision (ACS), video surveillance, fire and burglar alarms, as well as elevators and lifts. At the request of the customer, WestMedGroup is also carry out general construction work on the redevelopment.

Overall repair and reconstruction

Technical customer

At the construction stage, WestMedGroup fully supports the project, including technical supervision and construction control, up to the commissioning of the facility. As part of the "Technical Customer" service, the company organizes and conducts tender procedures, formalizes land and property relations, assists in obtaining urban planning, initial permits and building permits. The specialists of our company will help you pass the state examination, conclude contracts for technical connection and connection to external engineering networks, open an ATI order.

Technical customer


Designing of healh care institutions.


Construction of hospitals, outpatient clinics and other medical institutions.


Conversion of an existing building for the purpose of expanding or refurbishing the hospital.


Overhaul of a healthcare facility from the basement to the roof.

We are gladly offering the comprehensive implementation of any projects from zero cycle to commissioning, taking into account regulatory documents. We guarantee quality, responsible fulfillment of obligations and the use of the latest technical solutions.

Проектирование, cтроительство, реконструкция, ремонт
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