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Service of medical equipment

Maintenance, monitoring of technical condition and repair – are set of operations to maintain the operability or serviceability of equipment in the process of technical operation, storage and transportation.

We offer a replacement of consumables, spare parts or repair of equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's standards in order to operate it as simply and comfortably as possible. Regular carrying out of the qualified inspection allows to support the work of the medical equipment at a high level of safety and reliability.

Westmedgroup is the official representative of companies MIL'SHabitareFlowmeterWeinmann, and provides a full range of maintenance services for: medical consolescompressorsvacuum stationsoxygen concentrators and generators.

Confirmation of compliance with the requirements established by the legislation of the Russian Federation is a license for the maintenance of medical equipment. 

Original spare parts
Original spare parts
Customer Service
Customer Service
Repair of equipment
Repair of equipment
Complex diagnostics
Complex diagnostics

Spare parts for maintenance and periodicity of their replacement

Service and monitoring of technical condition are carried out at regular intervals, while including a list of activities agreed upon in advance.

All works (maintenance, repair, modernization and replacement) are divided into regulated and unregulated procedures.

The regulated maintenance includes work performed in accordance with the technical documentation strictly after a certain time interval. Such works usually include: replacement of lubricants, replacement of critical wear parts and easily replaceable parts, as well as checking the technical condition of the equipment.

Unregulated maintenance includes cleaning, adjusting, adding a grease, replacing wear parts and easily replaceable parts, etc.

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