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Lung ventilators are medical equipment designed to force the gas mixture (oxygen and compressed dried air) to the lungs in order to saturate the blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the lungs.

Medumat Transport

Medumat Transport

High-End Ventilation for Every Use

MEDUMAT Transport can be used in the following cases:

  • Emergency
    • for resuscitation at the scene of an accident;
    • for long-term use in a protracted emergency situation;
    • for preliminary oxygenation through a respiratory mask.
  • Transportation
    • of ground, naval and air rescue services;
    • between the wards and departments of the hospital;
    • between the hospital and other places (secondary transportation).
  • Short-term artificial ventilation in the clinic
    • in the wake-up room;
    • in the intensive care unit;
    • ventilation before and after surgery;
    • at emergency hospitalization.

Working in close cooperation with our customers and partners, we developed MEDUMAT Transport especially for the ventilation of patients in emergency situations and intensive care transport. Our goal was to ensure ideal ventilation in any situation in pre-hospital care or secondary transport. MEDUMAT Transport is already in use around the world, day and night, on land, on water and in the air. Emergency medical personnel can always rely on MEDUMAT Transport and thus on the most modern transport ventilation available.

Bluetooth wirelessly transmits ventilation success. MEDUMAT Transport combines state-of-the-art ventilation modes from intensive care ventilation with the simplicity and ruggedness of pre-hospital emergency medicine. You always have the best solution for a range of ventilation needs, from the scene of an emergency to the hospital and for intra-hospital transfers and inter-hospital transport. With the optional Bluetooth function, you can simply and wirelessly transmit ventilation parameters, changes to settings and trend data from MEDUMAT Transport to an external documentation system. This option makes sure that emergency medical services, hospitals or armies have fast access to all therapy data from every use.

Safe to use, easy to learn. Although MEDUMAT Transport offers an extensive selection of differentiated ventilation modes, users can always operate the ventilator safely. The innovative pre-settings for patient groups simplify ventilation therapy for the user. One-touch activation of the emergency mode guarantees safe usage even for those who do not routinely administer acute care ventilation.

The right ventilation for every situation. MEDUMAT Transport offers exceptional flexibility with its range of different pressure or volume-controlled ventilation modes. Our high-end ventilator also gives you complete monitoring in clearly presented graphics. Up to three monitoring curves can be displayed at the same time. Nighttime colors can be activated to keep data visible in all lighting conditions.

Perfect partners: MEDUMAT Transport and LIFE-BASE. The versatility of MEDUMAT Transport is enhanced perfectly by our portable system LIFE-BASE. You get a robust combination of ventilator and carrier that can easily be fastened to the patient's bed.

The right hose system for every situation. We offer a broad portfolio of patient hose systems to make sure that you can handle any situation. Simply choose a disposable or reusable system and the length you need. Almost all of our hoses are available in two- and three-meter variants. For safe and effective ventilation of children and toddlers, use our new reduced dead space patient hose system. We have reduced dead space by more than 55% in this system, which of course can be used for ventilation of adults too.

Clever battery management. You can simply and easily replace the removable battery in MEDUMAT Transport. Charging takes place via the interface on the portable system LIFE-BASE. MEDUMAT Transport is therefore ideal for use in emergency medical services on in hospital.

MEDUMAT Transport is available on the portable systems LIFE-BASE 4 NG, LIFE-BASE 1 NG and LIFE-BASE light.

Place MEDUMAT Transport on our MEDUcart stand for use in hospital.

Our Customer Service would be happy to help you with customized solutions.

Your benefits:

  • With the option of wireless transmission of patient data to your Electronic Medical
  • Record system
  • Transport ventilation on the level of intensive care ventilation
  • Info about effective ventilation and patient condition is available fast
  • Uninterrupted ventilation at change of oxygen supply
  • NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation) is standard option for better patient outcome
  • Safely ventilate toddlers, children and adults with appropriate patient hose systems
  • Clear warnings when patient condition is critical
  • Great flexibility ensured by mobility options
  • Ideal power management with removable battery system
  • Highly economical, thanks to non-consumable oxygen sensor
  MEDUMAT Transport
Management Time and trigger-operated, pressure-controlled or volume-controlled
Dimensions (W x H x D in mm) 345 x 163 x 149
Weight about 4.4 kg/4.6 kg (with CO^option)
  • Temperature: -18° C to +50* C
  • Humidity: 15% to 95% without condensation
  • Air pressure: 54 kPa to 110 kPa
  • Expiratory volume and flow measurement with hot wire transit time method (BiCheck)
  • Airway pressure
  • Inspiratory 02 concentration by means of non-consuming 0, sensor
  • Capnography (optional) in sidestream method
Gas supply 2.7 to 6 bar, ideal at 4.5 bar with 145 l/min
Gas types Medical-grade oxygen, medical grade compressed air (AIR), concentrator oxygen (93 % 0})
Power supply
  • Removable battery, external or internal charging
  • Device power supply 12 to 15 volts DC
  • VOItage for external power pack 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Product class according to Directive 93/42/EEC lib
Emergency ventilation modes
  • Emergency ventilation, infants (IPPV or BiLevel can be pre-configured)
  • Emergency ventilation, child (IPPV or BiLevel can be pre-configured)
  • Emergency ventilation, adult (IPPV or BiLevel can be pre-configured)
Differentiated ventilation modes BiLevel + ASB, aPCV, PCV, CPAP + ASB, PRVC. IPPV, S-IPPV, PRVC + ASB, NIV available in all pressure-controlled ventilation modes and in CPAP + ASB
Type of battery Li-Ion
Operating time 7.5 hours in normal operations
Charging time from 0 to 100% about 4 hours in stand-by mode
Stand-by time about 14 days
Tidal volume (Vt) 50 to 2000 ml
Frequency 0 to 60 min ’
ApASB 0 to 30 mbar
plnsp 3 to 60 mbar
PEEP 0 to 30 mbar
l:E 59:1 to 1:59
Maximum outlet flow 150 l/min
Inspiration trigger 1 to 15 l/min
Expiration trigger 5-50 % of maximum flow
Fi0j 40 to 100%
Preoxygenation over ventilation hose system
  • Selection: Levels 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 liters/minut
  • Oxygen inhalation over inhalation hose system: 1-10 liters/minute
Major standards used ISO 10651-3, EN 794-3, EN 1789, RTCA-DO 160 E, EN 60601-1
Transport and attachment systems for
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Hospital carts
  • Intensive care transport vehicles
  • Gurneys and hospital beds
  • Helicopter
  • Standard hospital rails
  • Aircraft for intensive care transport
  • Fixed wall mounting


You can request additional information about the equipment, as well as find out the cost and place an order by writing to us at

Medumat Easy

Medumat Easy

The device is intended for mechanical ventilation in emergency cases, including during resuscitation and postresuscitation period. The convenience of using the device is the ability to trigger the artificial inspiration by pressing a button on the face mask. The ventilator guarantees the highest level of safety by guiding your actions during the CPR process with an intuitive interface and voice prompts.

Compliance with the guidelines for CPV during CPR.

  • Respiratory volume:
    • 6 - 7 ml/kg body weight
    • 500 ml - 600 ml at f = 10/min
  • The metronome beep f> 100/min guarantees the recommended compression rate.
  • The duration of ventilation in CPR mode - max. 5 sec.
  • Two hands are free for artificial ventilation using a mask.

Convenience in circulation

  • Small and compact device,
  • Lightweight and easy to use,
  • Conveniently placed on transport platforms LIFE-BASE, with additional equipment (for example, defibrillator Meducore Standard) and oxygen balloon also,
  • Simple integration into the CPR process,
  • Possibility of oxygen inhalation,
  • Ability to use as a conventional apparatus of transport ventilation for children from 10 kg of weight and adults (IPPV mode) without activating the CPR function.


  • You decide when the unit performs breaths in CPR mode,
  • Rapid staff training thanks to intuitive operation,
  • Mobility due to the portable platform LIFE-BASE,
  • Ability to expand functionality with WEINMANN Emergency modules,
  • Practical accessories with a long shelf life.


  • Clear and understandable voice instructions,
  • The metronome function provides the proper frequency of chest compressions at CPR,
  • Ability to select the maximum airway pressure limit; the switch has two positions: 20 mbar and 45 mbar,
  • Visual and audible alarms,
  • Selection of safe ventilation parameters,
  • Single control knob for selecting the parameters of the respiratory volume and respiratory rate.
Dimensions ind. connections (Wx Hx D) 100 x 145 x 90 mm
Weight 0.7 kg
•    For operation -18 °C to +60 °C

•    For storage

-40 °C to +70 °C
Oxygen concentration 100%
Gas supply Medical grade oxygen
Oxygen consumption for device operation 0 l/min
Operating pressure 2.7 bar to 6 bar
Minimum input flow 70 l/min
Power supply
  • Lithium ion battery (3.6 V; 5.2 Ah)
  • Battery runtime approx. 2 years
IPPV mode  
•    Ventilation rate Infinitely adjustable
from 10 to 25 min-1
•    Tidal volume (Vt) Infinitely adjustable
from 65 to 950 ml
•    l:E ratio 1:2 or 1:3
•    Max. ventilation pressure 20 or 45 mbar
CPR mode  
•    Tidal volume (Vt) Adjustable from 65 ml to 950 ml
•    Max. ventilation pressure 20 mbar or 45 mbar
•    l:E ratio 1:1
Demand flow mode
  • Trigger < 1 mbar
  • Peak flow = 47 to 52 l/min
  • Switch-off pressure 3 mbar
Visual and audio alarms
  • Airway pressure high (Stenosis)
  • Airway pressure low/Apnea (Disconnection)
  • Supply pressure low (2.7 bar 02)
  • Battery low
Protection from dust and splashing water IP54
Applied standards DIN EN 794-3, ISO 10651-3, EN 1789, EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, RTCA/DO-160


You can request additional information about the equipment, as well as find out the cost and place an order by writing to us at

Medumat Standard2

Medumat Standard2

Every second counts in an emergency. There is no room for error, especially when the patient needs assistance with breathing. Fast and correct action can save lives. The demands made on emergency medical services (EMS) are high in such situations and easy operation of the ventilator is indispensable. MEDUMAT Standard² is the perfect partner for precisely this. It is intuitive to operate and extremely reliable and, thanks to the integrated hygiene filter, it is protected from contamination which ultimately guarantees an unbeatable degree of safety for the patient, user and device itself!

MEDUMAT Standard² offers a completely new view of modern emergency and transport ventilation. The display provides a clear, well-structured overview of all major respiratory parameters and optional ventilation curves. The familiar operation, e.g., for patient selection, makes intuitive use possible and the initiation of ventilation via entry of the patient's height ensures a simple and guideline-compliant start to ventilation treatment. Clearly organized operating elements and symbols, plus effective acoustic and visual alarms are additional details that ensure the highest level of safety.

MEDUMAT Standard² also offers clearly better perspectives for flexible use. The integration of a robust flow measurement with sidestream capnography and the presentation of curves in the display provide ideal monitoring of the patient. With optionally available ventilation modes, MEDUMAT Standard² can be adjusted to any circumstances and users. In addition to IPPV, the device is equipped with the modes CPR (for cardiopulmonary resuscitation), RSI (for rapid sequence induction), Demand and CPAP (optionally with ASB).

Users also can activate the optional volume-controlled modes SIMV, S-IPPV and inhalation and the pressure-controlled modes PCV, aPCV, BiLevel + ASB and PRVC + ASB, and a CO2 monitoring mode. All settings are based on current requirements such as the ERC Resuscitation Guidelines. Settings can be customized upon request.

Ventilation today can be intuitive and simple. In pre-hospital treatment, during the transport of ventilated patients, in the emergency or trauma room, the ergonomic and simple operation of MEDUMAT Standard² set a new standard for therapeutic safety. This user-friendly perspective on emergency and transport ventilation is unmatched.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Quick and easy access to the right ventilation with entry of height or via emergency mode for adults, children and infants
  • CPR mode for guideline-compliant cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • RSI mode for reliable support with induction of anesthesia
  • CPAP mode with optional pressure support ASB for non-invasive therapy in pre-hospital treatment
  • Optional: Sidestream capnography for ideal monitoring of ventilation treatment
  • Optional: Flow measurement for improved monitoring during ventilation, resuscitation or induction of anesthesia (Mve, Vte, ftotal, fspont, Vleak), Curve display
  • Optional: Pressure-controlled ventilation modes for differentiated ventilation therapy


  MEDUMAT Standard2
Device dimensions W 206 mm x H: 137 mm x D: 130 mm
Weight, ind. battery Approx. 2.5 kg
Product class according to Directive 93/42/EEC IIb
Operating conditions
  • Temperature range: -18 °C to +50 °C
  • Humidity: 0 % rh to 95 % rh, no condensation
  • Air pressure: 540 hPa to 1,100 hPa
  • Altitude above MSL: up to 5,000 m
Rechargeable battery
  • Operating time: up to 10 hrs (depending on device and options)
  • Charging time (0 % - 95 %): 3.5 h
Display TFT color display 5“
Data storage Internal and on SD card
Ventilation modes
  • Volume-controlled: IPPV, CPR. RSI, SIMV (with SIMV mode option), SIMV + ASB (with SIMV mode and Flow measurement + ASB options), S-IPPV (with S-IPPV mode option), Inhalation (with Inhalation mode option)
  • Pressure-controlled: PCV, aPCV, BiLevel + ASB. PRVC + ASB (with pressure-controlled ventilation modes option), CCSV (with Flow measurement + ASB option and CCSV mode option)
  • Spontaneous breathing: CPAP, CPAP + ASB (with Flow measurement + ASB option)
Operating gas Medical-grade oxygen or concentrator oxygen (93 % 0 )
Operating pressure range 2.7 bar to 6 bar
  • Displayed measured values: pPeak, pPlat, pMean, Vte, MVe, f, fsp, Vleak (with Flow measurement + ASB option), etCO, (with Capnography option)
  • Curves: Airway pressure (with Curve display option or Capnography option), Flow (with Curve display option), C03 (with Capnography option), etCO, trend (with Capnography option)
  • Gauge: Pressure gauge
Maximum outlet flow 80 l/min at inlet pressure of 4.5 bar in Air Mix and in No Air Mix operation
Tidal volume 50 ml to 2,000 ml
Ventilation rate 5 min ’ to 50 min'
Inspiration pressure 3 mbar to 60 mbar (with Pressure-controlled ventilation modes option)
ASB pressure support 0 mbar to 30 mbar (with Flow measurement + ASB option)
PEEP 0 mbar to 30 mbar
Pressure limit (Pmax) 10 mbar to 65 mbar
Inspiration trigger 1 l/min to 15 l/min (with Flow measurement + ASB option)
Expiration trigger 5 % to 80 % flow max. (with Flow measurement + ASB option)
l:E 1:4-4:1
Pressure ramp Steep, medium, flat (with Flow measurement + ASB option)
Standards applied EN 60601-1, EN 1789, EN 794-3, ISO 10651-3, RTCA DO-160 G, MIL STD 810 G
You can request additional information about the equipment, as well as find out the cost and place an order by writing to us at

Medumat Standard а

Medumat Standard а

MEDUMAT Standarda offers you everything you need for reliable emergency ventilation. Users around the world are impressed by its especially simple operation and ruggedness. With controlled ventilation and assisted ventilation, we provide you with the ventilation options you require in an emergency. Our diverse modules let you add many supplemental functions, such as CPAP therapy, to MEDUMAT ventilators. When there‘s not a second to lose, the well-designed operating panel with special symbols and colors help you to quickly set the right ventilation parameters. When placed on our portable LIFE-BASE system, the MEDUMAT Standarda has practically unlimited mobility.

Ventilate Reliably and Properly

An advantage MEDUMAT Standarda has over manual ventilation is the option of setting constant values for tidal volume, ventilation frequency and minute volume. These settings help to prevent ventilator-induced injuries*. Furthermore, with a ventilator you can reliably prevent hyperventilation and damaging pressure peaks*. That reduces the intrathoracic pressure, which in turn improves venous reflow and cardiac output. You can keep your hands free to provide additional care to the patient. If a problem arises, the ventilator emits acoustic and visual alarms.

Valuable benefits for your use

  • Function expansion to meet your needs
  • Alarm system ensures high level of safety
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple operation
  • Complies with EN 1789

Top reliability

  • Automatic self-test when ventilator is switched on
  • Color coding and arrow system simplifies fast and safe parameter settings for each patient group
  • Settings for respiratory minute volume, respiratory rate and maximum ventilation pressure are infinitely adjustable
  • Visual and acoustic alarms warn of acute problems such as stenosis, disconnection, loss of supply pressure, inadequate battery capacity, system outage, no triggering by patient

Economical and flexible

  • Air-Mix function reduces FiO2 to about 60%
  • No oxygen required for operation
  • No external power supply necessary
  • Can be combines with all WEINMANN Emergency modules, such as MODUL CPAP
  MEDUMAT Standard a
Device dimensions (W x H x D in mm) 190 x 110x90
Weight (in kg) about 1,1
Product class as per directive 93/42/ECC lib
Operating conditions  
Temperature range -18 to +60 °C
Humidity 15% to 95%
Air pressure 70 kPa to 110 kPa
Control Time-controlled, volume-constant
Storage temperature -40 to +70 °C
Operating gas Medical-grade oxygen
Operating pressure 2,7 to 6 bar (1 mbar = 1 hPa)
Required amount of gas 70 l/min
Respiratory rate 5 to 40 (infinitely adjustable)
Ventilation modes Controlled ventilation (IPPV), Assisted ventilation (SIMV)
Inspiration : Expiration 1:1,67
Inspiration: Expiration (assisted) 1:1 to 1:2.3 variable
Respiratory Minute Volume (MV) 3-20 l/min (infinitely adjustable)
Tidal volume 75 to 4000 ml
Max. ventilation pressure (Pmax) 20-60 mbar * (infinitely adjustable)
Pressurized gas connection External thread G 3/8'
Power supply No maintenance lithium battery 3.6 V, 5.2 Ah
Expected service life > 2 years
Maximum storage 10 years after delivery
Ventilation hose Spiral silicone hose NW 10
Degree of protection from splashing water IPX4
Standards used EN 794-3, EN 60601-1.EN 1789, RTCA-DO160E
Alarm sound pressure 54 dB (A)
Manometer accuracy Class 1,6
Patient valve dead space volume 12,8 ml
You can request additional information about the equipment, as well as find out the cost and place an order by writing to us at

Resuscitator COMBIBAG

Resuscitator COMBIBAG

One Resuscitator for Both, Adult and Child: One Resuscitator, Two Patient Groups.

Thanks to the unique technology of COMBIBAG, the 2-in-1 resuscitator for adults and children, you always have the right equipment on hand. With a simple 180-degree turn of the COMBIBAG, you vary the volumes quickly and automatically adapt the tidal volume to the patient.

The safety valve limits the ventilation pressure and protects the patient during ventilation with a mask or tube. With COMBIBAG you save time, free up space in your emergency case and save on costs.

Convincing benefits:

  • The intelligent design of COMBIBAG lets you ventilate children from 10 kg with small volumes and adults with larger volumes.
  • Greater safety for user and patients: safety valve with two pressure levels for mask and tube ventilation.
  • Variety of connection options: improvement in oxygenation by means of oxygen reservoir or demand valve connection.
  • Simple cleaning and disinfection: single layer construction for optimum hygienic conditioning.
  • Maintenance and disassembly require no tools.
  • Latex-free: all components made of silicone or polysulfone.
  • You save time, space and expense.
Product class as per directive 93/42/EEC IIa
Area of application
  • Child segment 10 – 16 kg weight
  • Adult segment > 16 kg weight
  • Child segment up to 500 ml
  • Adult segment 500 to 1200 ml
Pressure limit switchable, 20 mbar and 60 mbar
Gas inlet connection Ø 6 mm
Patient connection 15 mm/22 mm as per ISO 5356
Dimensions (L x D) 340 x 130 mm
Weight 390 g
Materials latex-free Valve: Polysulfone Squeeze bag and valve membrane: silicone
You can request additional information about the equipment, as well as find out the cost and place an order by writing to us at
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