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Mounting of medical equipment

WestMedGroup provides a full range of services for the installation of medical gas supply systems, medical equipment, ventilation systems, as well as structural elements of clean rooms using the latest advanced technologies.

Mounting of gas sources

Installation and commissioning of oxygen generators, cylinder’s ramps, compressors and vacuum stations of domestic and foreign production.

Mounting of medical consoles

Our company provides the professional installation of wall and ceiling medical consoles, regardless of their type.

Mounting of communication and alarm systems

Installation of IP-call systems for medical personnel and ward alarm systems for health care institutions.

Mounting of clean rooms

Installation of clean rooms that meet the requirements of international GMP and ISO standards, using structural elements such as partition walls and window panels, X-ray resistance doors, transfer locks, suspended ceilings and other elements.

Mounting of medical gas pipelines

Installation of the medical gas supply system is made for the purpose of connection of gas supply sources with receivers, control and regulation devices, wall or ceiling consoles while ensuring the internal cleanliness of the pipes.

Mounting of medical lamps

Installation of modern ergonomic LED lights create the comfortable level of illumination for patients and staff, according to the current regulations.

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